CFA Level II Video Series


Finstructor's CFA Level II Video Series is one of the world's finest video product, designed as an exhaustive preparation program for the CFA Level II exam.

The course contains

  • Over 60 hours of detailed explanatory videos
  • split over 19 Videos modules

Each subject is taken up in a logical sequence and all topics broken down from complex readings to straightforward explanations. Over 500 actual exam questions have been solved in the course of the videos in a step by step fashion to explain concepts from an examination perspective. Be sure to capitalize on Finstructor's unique conceptual shortcuts as you see the videos to gain that extra speed and edge on the exams.

All videos have been conducted by our lead instructors with multiple years of experience in teaching and preparing questions for the CFA exam. Finstructor is an authorized provider with the CFA Institute.
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  • Students are advised to follow the given sequence of lectures for first time viewing. You may feel free to juggle the topics as long as you are able to maintain your understanding and cover all subjects.
  • All videos can be viewed only online from PC, Laptops, Mobile, Tablets & Ipad.
  • Access to Online Videos will Only be Valid till coming CFA Level II Exam from the date of your Enrollment for more details please call us or email us on
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Fees for the CFA Level II video series is Rs 10,620 inclusive of all Videos, course presentations all applicable taxes. Individual videos can be purchased for the price indicated.


Benefits of Enrolling in the Finstructor Video Series

  • Excellent faculty with more than 4 years of experience in teaching and preparing questions for the CFA exam
  • Each video is supplemented with elaborate presentations which will separately be emailed
  • Exhaustive coverage of the entire CFA syllabus
  • Our instructors will be available on email and over the phone to handle all your conceptual doubts regarding any part of the curriculum
  • Over 500 actual exam problems solved in a step by step manner
  • Unique conceptual shortcuts explained to enable better speed and recall during the exam

Finstructor follows CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines
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